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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions.  If you have a question that you don’t see answered below, please email us your question by going to the Contact Page.

Where can I buy SafeAwake?

To buy SafeAwake, click on the Purchase link. Once there, you can buy SafeAwake by calling our customer service department to place the order via voice or TTY. Or, if you prefer, you can print off the order form and mail or fax it in.

*For consumers, the SafeAwake can also be purchased through Harris Communication, the one-stop source of products for the deaf and hard of hearing. Visit their website at www.harriscomm.com or call them at 800.825.6758.

*The SafeAwake can also be purchased through Hal-Hen, a worldwide leading supplier to hearing health care professionals since 1946. Visit their website at www.halhen.com to learn more.

*For commercial properties including hotels, dormitories, assistive living facilities, etc., the SafeAwake can be purchashed through ADI Global Distribution, a Honeywell company. Visit their website at www.ADIGlobal.com or call them at 877.228.6739.

*The SafeAwake can also be purchased through Grainger, a leading distributor of industrial supplies, MRO equipment, tools and materials. Grainger was established in 1927 and has grown to have branches all over the world. Visit their website at www.Grainger.com or call them at 1.800.323.0620.

Why Buy?

The SafeAwake combines two patented technologies - sound reception and tactile emergency signal generation - into the SafeAwake receiver. This creates a nighttime safety notification device that contains the fastest and most reliable sound reception when a smoke alarm activates and the only tactile notification emergency signal that uses an intermittent pattern to awaken sleeping people. See the below report to learn more:
National Institute of Health Report by inventors Dr. Roby and Dr. Klassen

How is it installed?

Click here to view the installation video. Also, installation instructions are included along with the SafeAwake. In most cases, people who purchase the SafeAwake will be able to set it up themselves. If you would like more information on how to install the SafeAwake, please request a copy of the user’s manual from the Contact page.

How do I ensure it is working properly?

The SafeAwake has a test button to make sure the intermittent bed shaker is working properly. In addition, we strongly recommend that you regularly test your smoke alarm according to its test procedures. When you test your smoke alarm, you should also check to make sure your SafeAwake is activating properly. If you have any questions about whether or not it is working properly please contact us using your preferred method from our Contact Page.

Will it work if the power goes out?

The SafeAwake includes a battery backup that will keep the SafeAwake working for up to 24 hours if the power is off. The SafeAwake also includes a low battery light that will let you know when the battery needs to be replaced.

Is SafeAwake a fire detection system?

The SafeAwake is not a smoke/fire detection system. It must be used in conjunction with a standard smoke alarm, the type required by most building codes and local ordinances. The SafeAwake is triggered by the audible signal a smoke alarm emits when it detects smoke. Be sure to use your SafeAwake in tandem with your regular smoke alarm.

Is the SafeAwake made in the U.S.A.?


Please note: SafeAwake is not a fire detection system. It must be combined with an approved, properly installed and operating smoke alarm.The SafeAwake saves sleeper's lives through an additional means of fire notification which has been proven more effective. Read on and see the National Institute of Health Report by the inventors Dr. Roby and Dr. Klassen.

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