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SafeAwake, LLC is a specialty-technology company committed to helping people with creative solutions to some of life’s perplexing challenges.  We design, develop, manufacture, and market innovative safety notification devices that help people wake up safely in emergency situations.

SafeAwake's products identify alarms from residential smoke alarms and activate a bed shaker with an intermittent signal pattern. Sleep studies conducted at Johns Hopkins University affiliated sleep laboratories in New Jersey, Maryland, and Texas for a National Institutes of Health study and report validated that the intermittent bed shaker awoke adults regardless of age and hearing ability.

SafeAwake's dynamic team is constantly working to develop new and innovative solutions. We look forward to serving you with our innovative products today, as well as new inventions in the future.



In tests conducted at a Johns Hopkins affiliated Sleep Laboratory, SafeAwake was successful waking people in response to a smoke alarm. For a copy of the study, please click here.