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Provide the Best Care to Your Patients

As an Audiologist, you always want to provide the best care you can to your patients. 31.5 million Americans have a hearing difficulty.  By recommending the SafeAwake as a smoke alarm aid to your patients who are deaf or have varying levels of hearing loss, you are providing them with the best standard of care nationwide.

Hearing aid users are at a disadvantage when it comes to waking effectiveness in a fire emergency. If your patient removes or turns down their hearing aids to sleep, they lose their high frequency hearing. Conventional smoke alarms operate at a high frequency of 3,100 Hz. The SafeAwake smoke alarm aid emits a low frequency (520 Hz), high decibel, square wave sounding alarm and an intermittent tactile signal to a bed shaker located between the mattress and bed springs at chest height. These alternative fire emergency notification means provide two additional degrees of safety notification to the patient while they sleep.


1. Indicator light tells user device is active
2. Plug in power supply
3. Battery back up in case of power loss
4. Automatic shutoff and reset after two minutes
5. Low frequency, high decibel square wave sounding alarm
6. Tactile stimulator with non-continuous signal


1. Fastest sound reception on the market by 15 seconds
2. Sleep more peacefully through the night assured of fire safety notification


Simplicity - Simply plug into any bedside outlet and sit the SafeAwake on a bedside table or hang on the wall. The bed shaker fits directly under the mattress. Click here to view our instructional video.
- Responds to any U.S. domestic or commercial smoke alarm produced after 1996.
Reliability - Equipped with a battery system that provides back up power in the event of electric power failure.
Portability - Easy to pack and small enough to fit into a travel bag.
Warranty - Comes with a two year limited warranty.
Made in the U.S.A.


Click here to view our product sheet.

Please note: SafeAwake is not a fire detection system. It must be combined with an approved, properly installed and operating smoke alarm.

If you’d like to learn even more about SafeAwake, you can view a study of SafeAwake conducted at a Johns Hopkins affiliated Sleep Laboratory by clicking here. To read a copy of the manual, please click here.

Contact us: 443.539.0781